Why Amazon Webstores Should Migrate and How To Do It

Finally, Amazon Webstore merchants have an endorsement for a new place to call home.

When Amazon announced their intention earlier this year to shut down Amazon Webstore in 2016, the small and mid-sized merchants using the e-commerce software found themselves scrambling for another provider.

Thankfully, Amazon announced last Thursday that they’ve chosen Shopify as their recommended Webstore migration partner for existing merchants.

What does this mean? Essentially, your landlord gave you notice to move out, and is now introducing you to a new landlord who’s offering to not only take care of the entire moving process, but set you up in your new space with a free month of rent.

Why should I move to Shopify?

You need to move your online store to a new platform, regardless of where you move it to. So, why Shopify?

Here’s what Shopify offers:

  1. The migration process is simply a handful of clicks. You set up a Shopify account, use the tailor-made Amazon Webstore importer tool, follow the steps, and boom, you’re done.
  2. Zero downtime or service interruptions during the transition, so you can maintain your status quo without fuss. (Plus, a free month to get you started.)
  3. Shopify’s rich app partner ecosystem. From order fulfillment tools to social media management, Shopify offers a plethora of apps to fulfill any business need, as well as apps for products you already use. Doing your shipping and order fulfilment through ShipStation? Now you can connect it with Shopify and aggregate orders across marketplaces, plus automate order processing. Experiencing an increase in fraud and chargebacks as you grow? Find SIGNIFYD in the app store and let the best fraud protection tool on the market tell you which orders are bad and give you the option to take order review completely off your plate.
  4. Built-in access to all the Amazon services you already use, like Amazon Payments and Fullfilment by Amazon, to make your transition even smoother. Plus, the Amazon sales channel for Shopify is coming soon, and you’ll be able to list and sell your wares on Amazon.com directly from Shopify.

How do I make the move?

Simple. Point your browser to Shopify’s dedicated Amazon Webstore migration page and create your store.

Shopify Amazon migration page


Once you’ve created your store, you’ll see the Amazon Webstore Importer tool suggested in your Home page.

Shopify store home screen


Just install the app, and follow the steps!

Shopify data migration screen


Plus, Shopify offers an in-depth manual should you have further questions or need to look into the nitty gritty.

Good luck on the migration!

Once you’ve moved over to Shopify, we invite you to try SIGNIFYD for free. As your e-commerce business grows and the orders start pouring in, we take the hassle of determining which orders to accept off your plate, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Plus, we back our decisions by taking full liability on orders we accept, giving you insurance against future chargebacks. You can watch a short video on how we’ve helped Shopify merchants flourish here.

Signifyd Announces $7M Series A Financing to Accelerate Growth of Its Enterprise-Class E-commerce Fraud Platform

SAN JOSE, Calif.– Signifyd (www.signifyd.com), the fastest-growing provider of fraud protection for e-commerce businesses, announced that it has raised $7 million in a Series A round of financing led by Allegis Capital with participation from Resolute Ventures, IA Ventures, QED Investors, Lucas Ventures and Tekton Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to $11.2 million since its founding by two PayPal veterans. The new financing will be used to further accelerate growth and expand the engineering, sales and marketing teams. As part of the investment, Pete Bodine, managing director at Allegis Capital, will join the Board of Directors. Signifyd is also announcing the appointment of Tim Eades (CEO vArmour Networks, former CEO SilverTail Systems, a cutting-edge fraud protection company acquired by RSA in 2012) as an independent member to the Board.

Signifyd solves the fraud challenges that e-commerce businesses persistently face: billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines, and operational costs due to tedious, manual transaction investigation. Signifyd’s technology not only tells retailers which payments to accept, but also guarantees these payments in the case of a chargeback.

“The chargeback process for merchants is broken and is clearly ripe for innovation,” said Raj Ramanand, Co-Founder & CEO of Signifyd. “The Signifyd platform marries behavioral psychology with machine learning to interpret user purchasing patterns. It automates a process that takes customer service agents hours each day and puts a guarantee behind that automation.” “Many companies have tried and failed to solve this problem with software alone. Signifyd is different because of its financial guarantee. We truly solve the problem,” added Michael Liberty, Co-Founder & COO of Signifyd.

“Signifyd has the team and technology to transform this industry. Its product reduces friction, increases revenue, and lowers costs,” said Pete Bodine, Managing Director at Allegis Capital. “They’ve built a company focused on customer success with a real business model, growing revenue at 20% month-over-month. This investment will help the company achieve its goal of fundamentally reshaping the fraud protection and payments industry.”

“For years, the transactional analytics market has been begging for disruption. Online criminals are continuing to rack up millions in fraudulent dollars with ease. Now, Signifyd is equipped with the technology and leadership to fundamentally change the fight against online crime,” said Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour and former CEO of Silver Tail Systems. “The Signifyd platform guarantees payments for merchants, essentially turning online crime on its head. I can’t wait to help the company along the way as they scale their explosive growth and provide merchants with a product that solves some of the most complex problems they are dealing with today.”

Raj Ramanand, a veteran of PayPal and FedEx, and Michael Liberty, a veteran of PayPal and JPMChase, developed Signifyd. They’ve laid the foundation for the company upon their deep fraud experience and passion for customer success.

Signifyd already counts major enterprise and mid-market companies among its customers as well as some of the hottest e-commerce startups.

For more information, please visit: www.signifyd.com.

About Signifyd

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Signifyd was founded by Raj Ramanand and Mike Liberty, a team of veteran risk and fraud experts from PayPal, to help online businesses prevent payment fraud. Signifyd’s full-service cloud platform simplifies fraud detection through a financial guarantee, allowing businesses to increase sales while reducing fraud losses. Signifyd is in use by multiple companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 list. The Company is backed by top tier Venture Capital firms such as Allegis Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Data Collective, IA Ventures, Lucas Ventures, QED Investors, Resolute.VC and Tekton Ventures. For more information about Signifyd, please visit http://www.signifyd.com. Follow Signifyd on Twitter @signifyd

Succeeding with Apple Pay Without Fear of Fraud

Apple Pay Fraud Prevention

It is hard to ignore the daily news coming up around Apple Pay these days. Some articles go as far as calling 2015 the ‘Year of Apple Pay’. Even though most people might at first think about the new convenient way of paying in brick and mortar stores Apple Pay aims at bridging the gap between the offline and online payment experience. Already in late 2014 some commentators stated that online retailers are embracing Apple Pay right away and that adding it to their set of payment processors could significantly boost their sales. (more…)

When One Chargeback Can Bankrupt a Merchant

With an improving economy and a greater selection to purchase online, the number of high end merchants on the web are swelling. Consumers can now choose from a near limitless supply of merchants selling luxury handbags, designer shoes and engagement rings. With holidays such as Mothers Day and Valentines Day accounting for an overwhelming majority of their sales, online jewelry merchants, in particular, have to compete dollar to dollar to fight for every customer who can easily buy online from any store. But in the scramble to attract and retain customers, jewelry merchants may be inadvertently opening the gates to fraudsters looking to blend themselves into the herd of legitimate customers to steal from them. (more…)

Signifyd Identified by Core2 Group as “Company on the Move”

September 2014 – Core2 Group has identified Signifyd as its most recent “Company on the Move”, highlighting Signifyd’s outstanding execution and growth in the technology sector. Signifyd has earned this achievement by demonstrating both strong performance to date and also a strong likelihood for future growth based on Core2 Group’s trajectory measurements. Signifyd joins automotive powerhouse Toyota and Silicon Valley based wealth management service, Wealthfront, on the list of companies highlighted by Core2 Group in August.


Praxis Information Science – Partner of the Month for August 2014

Signifyd is excited to name Praxis Information Science (www.praxisis.com) as the Partner of the Month for August 2014. Praxis and Signifyd have collaborated on several projects since Praxis joined the Signifyd Partner Program in early 2014, combining Praxis’s extensive Magento development capabilities with Signifyd’s proven eCommerce Identity Intelligence to help customers reduce fraud, accept more orders, and streamline manual investigation processes.


Help! I just got a chargeback!!

When setting up an online store, it can be an exciting time. You are building your website, uploading images of your items for sale and building out a loyal customer base that will help you increase sales as you lift your brand from nothing to a recognized symbol. Like many customers who have reached out to Signifyd, chargebacks and fraud was never even on their radar, until they got one. (more…)

E-Commerce grew 16.9% in 2013 and here is what to do about it

16.9 percent. As you read through this article, keep that number in mind. 16.9 percent. That is the percentage growth of ecommerce sales that 2013 had over 2012. It might be hard to imagine that ecommerce could have that high of a growth rate when seemingly there are endless amounts of websites already selling on the web and online giants such as Amazon have the appearance of dominating online sales. But ecommerce according to the US Census Bureau is poised for unprecedented growth. According to a report that was released on February 18th, ecommerce had $263.3 Billion dollars in sales in 2013. That number though amounts to a measly 5.8% of total sales in America. (more…)